To help women entrepreneurs in their entrepreneurship journey by providing support, guidance, and friendship to build a collaborative relationship with fellow business owners and potential partners.

|  VISION  |

N.E.W. aspires to build a group of empowered women leading entrepreneurial lives by collaborating with others, helping the community and practicing right business ethics towards their own and their fellow women’s successes.

|  WHO WE ARE  |

In 2006, founding president Myren Garcia and a small group of enterprising women met every Saturday at Myren’s then coffee place. The regular meetings initially were organized to boost up sales of the coffee shop by organizing events that will attract customers. However, the group of women realized there was more into the casual meetings than they originally planned. Soon, other business-oriented women joined their meet-ups where each one of them shared and collaborated to strengthen and promote each other’s businesses.


N.E.W. stands for Network for Enterprising Women. We are an organization with a heart to provide a venue for aspiring and existing women entrepreneurs to share their thoughts, their talents, their skills and their experiences towards one goal: SUCCESS! We believe that collective successes can also boost individual success with the practice of right business ethics and a strong support from fellow women entrepreneurs.