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Support sustainable agriculture to nurture people and nature, naturally! The University of the Philippines, Los Banos (UPLB BEE PROGRAM) created a thorough beekeeping course (from hunting, management, hygienic harvesting, and post harvest) that was given to traditional honey-hunters and marginal families to motivate them to increase honey harvest and other beekeeping by-products. Together with MILEA Bath and Body and Milea Bee Farms, the bee program is moving forward to assist the farmers in marketing their produce and encourage them to continue their current sustainable beekeeping practice.

Let’s do our share in helping mother nature. Support and buy the products of our farmers! Let's drink natural honey – it is the best of all nutritive sweeteners. Honey contains cleansing and tonic properties. It opens obstructions in the liver, kidney and bladder. Taking a spoonful of honey in the morning helps dissolve phlegm, gently warms up the stomach, strengthens it, washes away stomach viscidity and eliminates its sluggishness, helps evacuation, and expels dampness of the spirit.

Honey is the best of sweeteners for the stomach. Its only downside is that it affects the bile, and vinegar can eliminate such harm, balance it, and bring out honey’s full benefits. Drinking an infusion of honey and calamansi or lemon in the morning is healthier than most drinks that are sweetened with sugar, and is certainly better than artificially sweetened drinks. Sugar-sweetened drinks yield more harm than benefit.

Drinking honey water (1 tablespoon honey mixed in a warm teacup of water) strengthens the body, preserves its youth, as well as refreshes the spirit, stimulates the liver, and finally, honey stimulates the heart, and provides it with much needed energy and balance. When the heart is healthy, the vessels pump the blood easily, and the arteries carry the blood that is rich in nutrients to all parts of the body.

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Because of El Niño, we have been experiencing difficulty in honey harvest. This is the reason for the out of stock in almost all sizes of honey. We hope to be able to harvest by end of March.
Thank you for your patronage of Milea Bee Farms products and we hope you will also do your part in helping save the bees!
Different honey flavors are available, depending on the nectar source. We have Honey from:
– Coconut Sunflower
– Multi floral (from nectars from different flowers)

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