N.E.W. Joined ASEAN Community Forum 2017 in Singapore with Focus on MSME

MSMEs were front and center at the recently held ASEAN Community Forum in Singapore last March 9 to 10, 2017. The forum was attended by a number of influencers, leaders, and MSM entrepreneurs across ASEAN member nations. The Network for Enterprising Women represented by its founder, Myren Garcia joined the forum to embody Filipina entrepreneurs sector in the Philippines, among other organizations. The forum was organized to discuss major issues affecting MSMEs in the region; as well as to align initiatives in this regard towards ASEAN’s 2025 development goals.

Sanchita Basu Das of the ISEAS Yusof Ishak Institute; H.E. Sao Chivoan, Chair of ASEAN Senior Officials Meeting on Rural Development and Poverty Eradication (SOMRDPE); and Rodora Babaran, Director of Human Development Directorate were among the distinguished speakers which lectured and reported on the current conditions of the MSME, rural development, and women economic developments in ASEAN.

To start, the ASEAN Community Forum acknowledged that there wasn’t a unified definition of MSMEs. These definitions varied greatly by country, culture, and even level of economic contribution. Primarily, it found that this confusion was compounded by issues stemming from the region being predominantly rural. That at the moment, there is limited access to needed resources and support, lacking infrastructure, and a mainstream mindset of poverty.

While these issues have led to the rise of micro-entrepreneurs over all other categories, it underscored the perception of entrepreneurs that there is little opportunity or chance for true growth in their businesses. This is especially felt by women who—staying at home to tend to the family—are the ones who end up starting micro-enterprises, to begin with. That’s not even mentioning the cultural limitations that tend to stymie progress and growth.

Lastly is the over-arching issue of the inadequacies of national-level policy to deal with these issues effectively. With the forum uncovering the scale of the challenges, the solutions developed were practical with a need for careful research and data gathering in order to narrow down working definitions and identify roots of problems. Following that, the forum resolutions pushed for more meaningful dialogue—not just within the community but with all relevant parties.

As the ASEAN approaches the 30th iteration of its summit here in the Philippines, it’s clear that the association has been placing great emphasis on one of the largest contributing sectors in terms of economic development. While it’s still a long way off from true and total inclusiveness, the ASEAN Community Forum is a great jump-off point for deeper exploratory dialogue. Those interested in looking deeper into ASEAN’s 2025 Plan can check out the official website here:




Save the Bucks with Holistic Marketing and PR

Marketing, though many consider as a secondary aspect of the business, is actually crucial to business success. Many fail to plan their marketing strategies, and on most occasions, just spend on marketing when an opportunity is laid out to them. But according to Miguel Dela Rosa, this type of marketing can take a toll on the business rather than an advantage. 

This and some other marketing pointers were shared by Dela Rosa last March 4, 2017, at the 10th Annual Women Entrepreneurs Conference held at New World Makati Hotel. The conference which was organized by Network for Enterprising Women (NEW) was attended by women entrepreneurs and budding businesswomen in the country. 

Miguel Dela Rosa is an experienced marketer tracing back his experiences with the top consumer goods companies in the Philippines including San Miguel Food Corporation and Jollibee Foods Corporation here and abroad. He also has experience in handling chains of coffee shops, hotels, restaurants and even print and digital marketing companies including SumoSam Foods Inc., and Summit Media just to name a few.

During his talk, Dela Rosa stressed the importance of boosting public relations (PR) as an effective marketing tool. According to him, practicing PR is a cost-effective and holistic way to promote a business, rather than quickly diving into advertising. Yes, advertising gets attention quickly but it can also take a huge dent to a company's budget. With a PR mindset, entrepreneurs can gauge marketing efforts which are beneficial for the company in the long run.

Building connections, creating opportunities

Having a strong network and connections pose great benefits for budding entrepreneurs. He advised NEW members to make every encounter as an avenue to build their network as it is essential to be surrounded by people who have the same goals and vision for growth and success. “Don’t work with people who don’t deliver their promises,” he said. "Always remember that there will always be many potential partners and suppliers, find the one who shares the same values and goals with you." Dela Rosa also stressed the importance of asking for reviews. According to him, asking the customers what they think and experience about the product can help identify the strong and weak points of the product as well as the business. Being informed by these realities does not only help in developing solutions on the product and business development side, but it can also help an entrepreneur decide on its marketing strategy to uplift the company's image.

Providing interesting contents

Nothing beats content. In this modern digital world, where almost everything can be made with just a click, creating interesting contents are the indispensable tools to reach a target market. This can be done through mobile marketing, deal site promotions, email marketing, and e-commerce. Entrepreneurs can boost their online presence and invite more customers through social media contents that evoke unique personal experiences and emotions. But as exciting as the digital world can be, converting it to reality and sales need more. Dela Rosa emphasized that digital marketing should also work hand-in-hand with traditional advertising such as flyers and posters to be able to drive real customer traffic. Online marketing efforts can be paired with store promotions as well. However, Dela Rosa made it clear that entrepreneurs need to be careful as well on the image they are building online, it can backfire when the reality does not match the online persona. The last thing an entrepreneur wants is to not live up to the image that the customer expects because it can lead to customer distrust in the product and the business altogether.

Committing to the goal

Every business has their own dark days and failures. However, Dela Rosa encouraged the participants to remain committed to their goal and work smartly. “If you fail, change the strategy and not the plan,” he said. In the end, he instilled the value of having a positive outlook towards life and business. According to him, failures serve as life’s lessons to find and discover a whole lot better ways to continue and win the dreams of entrepreneurial growth and advancement.


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Revealing What's Beneath the Business Iceberg with Jean Uvero


What one sees as a success is just the tip of the iceberg, this is what Ms. Jean Uvero, CEO of Grupo Uvero, Inc. revealed during the 10th Annual Women Entrepreneurs Conference last March 4, 2017, at New World Makati Hotel.

Uvero was one of the three speakers that took the spotlight at the conference organized by the Network for Enterprising Women (NEW). Her talk entitled, "Moving Mountains: Learning to See the Obstacles as Opportunities" revealed her secret recipes in winning the entrepreneurial race based on her personal experiences in running her business that operates chains of Nail It! Salon, and Agape Pastries and Tartines, among others.


Balanced life and business

Time management is the key to success in business and among other aspects of life. Uvero as an entrepreneur and a mother believes that setting personal boundaries and limitations at work and life serves to be an essential factor in the path to success. Scheduling and managing time and controlling engagements need determination. “You need to control yourself to prevent burnout so that business won’t eat you up,” she said. Despite running a fast growing enterprise, Uvero keeps her family her topmost priority. To achieve this, cutting down unnecessary tasks, and proper delegation to her employees, to have her quiet time gives her the chance to recuperate and cope with the many stressors that go with running a business. It is also the key to maintaining a clear mind to be able to make business decisions as well as to take up the role of being a mother with flying colors.


Monitored cash flow and financial management

Handling finances are one of the most slippery aspects of business, Uvero, in fact, learned this the hard way. One may think that acquiring profits are enough but without good control and monitoring of the working capital, the business may fall into the trap of gradually losing all its assets without even knowing it. She shared a challenging time when she lost track of her finances by delegating carelessly. She ended up having to pay off penalties after another just to keep her business operations afloat. Through that experience, she realized the importance of systematic record keeping. Records are very vital, may it be a  financial statement, employee lists, or even competitor’s profile, as it helps the company keep track of any progress, and keep abreast with the trends necessary for the business’ growth.  Hiring trusted accountants and reliable suppliers are also two ways of securing finances, and the business altogether.

Equipped team as partners in expansion

Lastly, Uvero shared the value of having the right attitude and skills towards the business. She recounted the experiences she had with hiring people and how each failure helped her learn and take the leap for a better management structure. As a company continues to grow, it is important to reassess the people behind it. Uvero reiterated that business owners always have to ask themselves “Are they ready for this?” in re-examining the capacities and capabilities of their hired people. Having a standardized process and making use of technology are just some of the ways to keep up with a growing business. In some cases, business owners have to face the fact that loyal employees are golden but as the business grows, loyalty shouldn't be the only factor. Skills, talents, passion and even motivation of each employee must be a consideration as well. Business needs the right people to succeed, but success can be delayed or even restrained when the people working within it does not have the same direction as the whole company.

Though Uvero enjoys the many successes in life as seen by the others, she believes that people see only the tip of her iceberg. Once they dive deeper, many will realize that to be able to reach this state in life and business, Uvero had to endure many hardships and sleepless nights to get the ball rolling. But at the end of her talk, she encouraged everyone to keep the fire burning by always keeping their eye on their goal and not be discouraged about the realities of business. Having a positive mind, dedication and humility are just some qualities that entrepreneurs need to develop, she mentioned that being with her fellow N.E.W. members can also be a stimulus as each one can share and guide one another for collaborative and collective successes. After all, women need to start being an inspiration to one other, and to others as well.


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How Financial Literacy Fuels Business Success


Many start-up entrepreneurs go out-of-business in its first year. Many would often wonder; where did the money go?  This is the sad reality that many business owners face, but the truth is, it could have been resolved if they were only more finances savvy.

Last March 4, 2017, during the 10th Annual Women Entrepreneurs Conference of the Network for Enterprising Women (NEW) at New World Makati Hotel, Ms. Tess Dimaculangan tackled “The Critical Role of Finances in Business Success”.  Tess Dimaculangan is the Managing Partner of Dimaculangan, Dimaculangan and Company CPAs - one of the leading certified public accountant firms in the Philippines. In her lecture, she shared the essentials of financial management and how each one affects all the other aspects of entrepreneurship. She shared that sometimes, the biggest complications of disorganized finances come from failing to do the basic things. Neglecting these basics can easily make resources descend and take its toll on the business.

 You're the Boss, Be Like One

An entrepreneur can and should hire accountants and bookkeepers to monitor the company's finances, but it does not mean the owner relies on and allows everything to be on the hands alone of his or her staff.

When it comes to monitoring and handling resources, the owner still has the ultimate responsibility for his or her finances according to Dimaculangan. Together with hiring reliable accountants for the company or business, the owner must see to it that everything is put into their proper places. She stressed the importance of an organized record and filing system. “Take care of the productions, put everything into writing”, she said. Dimaculangan further stressed the questions, "Who signs on the financial statements, tax returns, payment requests, and other finance matters... it's the entrepreneur." Having said it, Dimaculangan made the participants realize the importance and the extent of the role an entrepreneur has to take in order to keep its business afloat.


Small Business is not Equal to Small Efforts

In her lecture, Dimaculangan also shared the strengths and weaknesses of running a small business and gave pointers for each one. She said that smaller companies have a greater edge in customer focus, responsiveness, top management visibility, innovativeness, and flexibility. On the other hand, small business owners need to look out for resources constraints, employee qualifications, planning, standardization, access to finances and job security.

She furthered presented statistics which showed incompetence and lack of experience in the industry and management are some of the most prevalent reasons why a business fails. Starting a business is never easy and it's only logical to start it right. “Get an accountant at the start of your business,” Dimaculangan said. Having a trusted accountant or a financial manager can help in taking the business towards its goal and even further into expansion.

Many businesses may face mishaps like failing to have the right location and even the right employees, but these can be remedied. But failure to plan most especially when it comes to finances are sure fire ways for doom.

 Literacy is Financial Maturity

At the end of her talk, Dimaculangan stressed the importance of financial education. “You can only manage what you can measure,” she recalled. Financial literacy makes the business easier to manage. “How much money am I bringing in?” and “How much money am I spending?” are the things resource handlers should often ask themselves. Understand the business on a bigger spectrum, observe the way it generates profits, but most importantly, understand the expenses. Notice the surges and fall of the company's performance, this way the entrepreneur can formulate solutions for anticipated problems like cash crunches. Cash crunches are the challenges that every entrepreneur must learn how to get rid of. This includes overproduction, prolonged stocking of items and repeated productions due to errors. Monitoring the environment and how it affects the business are methods of staying in the loop.

Dimaculangan's talk during the conference ignited and made many participants on their toes. Scenarios that the prime CPA mentioned were among realities that participants were able to relate with. Being also an entrepreneur, Dimaculangan shared many of the mishaps of running a business during her earlier years. But more than her number skills, she emphasized that entrepreneurs first and foremost, must believe in themselves. Believing in one’s own self in achieving goals is important but keeping positive mind whenever an off-putting circumstances appear is gold.




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"Business Essentials Exposed at the 10th Annual Women Entrepreneurs Conference"


Once again, the Network for Enterprising Women (NEW) ignited the entrepreneurial spirits of every Filipina during the 10th Annual Women Entrepreneurs Conference held last March 4, 2017, at the New World Makati Hotel. The conference organized yearly by Network for Enterprising Women gathers a number of Filipina business owners as well as aspirants to uplift and motivate women across the nation to be competitive in the male-driven industry.

This year's conference featured prominent and successful entrepreneurs of the country. Each one presented the essentials of management for budding businesses in order to reach its maximum potentials and growth.

Kicking off the conference, mompreneur Ms. Jean Uvero, CEO of Grupo Uvero Inc., which owns chains of Nail It! Salon, and Agape Pastries and Tartines, among others, discussed “Moving Mountains: Learning to See the Obstacles as Opportunities”. She tackled the different problems and opportunities of a growing business through her personal experiences. Uvero highlighted the importance of balancing personal and business life aspects in order to fully realize the endless capacities of being a woman, not just in business but also in her personal life.

Next is the “Critical Role of Finance in Business Success” presented by Ms. Tess Dimaculangan, the Managing Partner of Dimaculangan, Dimaculangan and Company CPAs - one of the leading CPA firm in the Philippines. The lecture enlightened the participants of the crucial role of having a strong and established system in handling finances to help entrepreneurs grow their business. She emphasized the importance of financial literacy and opened the minds of the participants on different accounting failures every entrepreneur need to be aware of.

Lastly, the challenges of right branding and efficient marketing tactics were addressed by Mr. Miguel Dela Rosa of Giabella Foods Corporation in his lecture, “Effective Marketing Strategies”. Dela Rosa is an experienced marketer tracing back his time with top consumer goods companies in the Philippines including San Miguel Food Corporation and Jollibee Foods Corporation, here and abroad. In his talk, he stressed the valuable benefits of building good public relations over advertising in brands, not only to maximize budgets but to be able to relate on a deeper level to the customers. He also highlighted the importance of having a holistic approach to marketing, referring to the boosting of the online and digital platform for businesses paired with traditional methods and applications to drive real traffic of customers.

At the end of the conference, participants realized that success in business does not truly happen overnight. Establishing a business is one thing, but enabling it to grow, expand and be recognized are different things altogether. There is no shortcut to success, but through the stories and advice of speakers, Uvero, Dimaculangan and Dela Rosa, participants were able to

Gain an advantage by being cautious of the traps of decisions they will make for their own enterprises.




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N.E.W.’s Most Awaited Annual Women Entrepreneurs Conference Fires Up on March at New World Hotel



Women can be entrepreneurs. That is what the Network for Enterprising Women (N.E.W.) promotes through the 10th Annual Women Entrepreneurs Conference held last March 4, 2017, at the New World Hotel from 8:00 AM to 12:00NN.

The annual conference aims to inspire women by providing business ideas, tips, and pieces of advice from seasoned entrepreneurs of the metro. Aside from the anticipated talks, N.E.W. members and conference guests gained the chance to network with future partners and suppliers. The esteemed organization is known to encourage collaborations and local business patronage to keep the entrepreneurial spirit alive in the country.

Last year, the conference featured best-selling author and inspirational speaker Francis Kong and one of N.E.W.’s prime mentors, Mary Grace Dimacali of Mary Grace Foods.

N.E.W. is a group of women whose advocacy is to create an environment where there is a free exchange of ideas, sharing of experience, and the opportunity to network. It was founded in 2006 by its founding president, Myren Garcia and a small group of female starters who met every Saturday at Myren’s then coffee place. The regular meetings soon turned into a more sophisticated vocation which gave birth to N.E.W.

As an organization, N.E.W. conducts the anticipated yearly conference, monthly networking sessions and business seminars, as well as business opportunities through the e-commerce website and active social media platforms.

To learn more about N.E.W. and how to be a member, you may visit or For reservations, product promotions and sponsorship opportunities, please call (02) 908-2558 and/or (0917) 540-8697 or send an email at


From a Woman’s Simple Dreams to a Successful Reality


The Network for Enterprising Women (N.E.W.), championing the enterprising spirit of the modern Filipina held an event on March 5, 2016, at the Crown Plaza-Ortigas called the 9th Annual Women Entrepreneurs Conference. The conference featured two inspirational speakers Mr. Francis Kong of Success Option Publishing Company and Ms. Mary Grace Dimacali of Mary Grace.

The first speaker, Mr. Kong, shared tips about realities of being a business owner – from sustaining a family business to strengthening the core of a business that is more than money-making. This motivated the women and a few men who attended the conference to have a mission in life that will contribute to society. He began the motivational talk by sharing to the entrepreneurs how to measure success, how to sustain and encourage your children to continue the business and tips on how to do business right.

Mr. Francis Kong is also the director of Inspire Leadership Consultancy, a columnist, author, as well as an international speaker, trainer, and consultant.

The second inspirational speaker, Ms. Dimacali, focused on sharing advises on how to create a family enterprise and sharing responsibilities as a strategy towards success. Her, being focused on the culinary and perfecting the Mary Grace distinct taste while she lets her husband and children take over the other aspects of the company. She also shared Mary Grace’s vision to provide opportunities to underprivileged individuals. She provides fair opportunities which gained her loyal and long-time employees along the way. Her most valued advice though especially for the young entrepreneurs was,  “Take your time and focus on what matters most: faith, family, and love for life. Everything will fall into place”.

The conference also awarded the plaque of appreciation to Ms. Myren Garcia, the founder of Network for N.E.W. who started the esteemed organization in 2006. Believing in the potential of women as entrepreneurs, the community of women she created is now in its 10th year. From her dream to help her fellow women entrepreneurs, she was able to unite motivated and driven women who are into the world of business. Women, known to be generally right-brained tend to produce unique and creative ideas – a trait that proves to be an edge in entrepreneurship.

N.E.W. 9th Annual Women Entrepreneurs Conference was brought to you by Mary Grace, Online Philippines, ProAccess, The French Baker, JCI Manilena and Write on Track.

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