What’s N.E.W.?

N.E.W. stands for Network for Enterprising Women.

We are an organization with a heart to provide a venue for aspiring and existing women entrepreneurs to share their thoughts, their talents, their skills and their experiences towards one goal: SUCCESS!


We believe that collective successes can also boost individual success with the practice of right business ethics and a strong support from fellow women entrepreneurs. N.E.W. believes that entrepreneurship is more than knowledge and skills, it is also an emotional venture making women the best candidates for entrepreneurship.


History and Milestones

In 2006, founding president Myren Garcia and a small group of enterprising women met every Saturday at Myren’s then coffee place. The regular meetings initially were organized to boost up sales of the coffee shop by organizing events that will attract customers. However, the group of women realized there was more into the casual meetings than they originally planned. Soon, other business-oriented women joined their meet-ups where each one of them shared and collaborated to strengthen and promote each other’s businesses.

By 2008, N.E.W. held their very first annual conference entitled Annual Women Entrepreneurs Conference where invited celebrated businesswomen and experts shared their two cents in managing and running a company. It was also a time for fellow women entrepreneurs to build their network and socialize. Having Philippine Star as one of media partners, the event which originally aimed to gain 200 participants got 500 instead.

During the same year, N.E.W. also organized their very first women’s bazaar at Tiendesitas. The bazaar became such a hit that it continued to be a regular activity for N.E.W. from 2009 to 2012 held at Eastwood City.

In 2011, during their annual conference, N.E.W. also recognized distinguished women entrepreneurs and honored them with the N.E.W. Filipina Entrepreneur Award for their immense success and advancement in the world of business.  N.E.W. honored women like Mary Grace Dimacali of Mary Grace Café, Chit Juan of Echostore, Amina Aranaz-Alunan of Aranaz, Chiqui Escareal Go of Mansmith and Fielders, and Margarita Fores of Cibo whose successful businesses and achievements contributed so much to the Philippine economy as well as to their respective industries.

In 2013, N.E.W. organized two major bazaars – a fashion and beauty expo in Rockwell Center and a Christmas bazaar at RCBC Plaza in Makati City.

At the latter part of 2013 and early part of 2014, N.E.W. tied-up with the group of private individuals to create the “Adopt a Small Island Initiative” campaign. The campaign aimed to raise funds for the small islands that were intensively hit during Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan). On February 24, 2014, N.E.W. had initially given planting materials to 140 seaweed farmers in Antique who were victims of the typhoon.  This project is still ongoing and N.E.W. is still accepting donations.

Aside from the annual bazaars and conferences, N.E.W. also organizes a monthly get-together called N.E.W. Biz Forum. The Biz Forum holds talks from profiled entrepreneurs, seminars and workshops that help women entrepreneurs not only in managing their businesses but gain overall life lessons. It’s also a more intimate time to get to know other entrepreneurs not only to build a network but friendship as well.